Chris Evans Dresses as Captain America to Visit Seattle Children's Hospital with Chris Pratt

These superheroes really know how to make children smile

Photo: Seattle Children's Hospital

Chris Evans may have won his Super Bowl bet against Chris Pratt, but that didn’t stop him from showing good sportsmanship.

Instead of betting money on the Feb. 1 game, the two superheroes decided to wager charity visits dressed up as their Marvel superheroes. Even though Evans, who rooted for the New England Patriots, won the bet, he decided to drop by Pratt’s charity of choice, Seattle Children’s Hospital on Saturday.

The day was filled with smiles and laughter as Evans, who was dressed up as Captain America, handed out toys to the children who were being treated at the hospital.

But that doesn’t mean that Pratt didn’t keep up his end of their bet. The two visited Evan’s charity of choice, Christopher’s Haven, in Boston Feb. 5.

One thing is fore sure – when two superheroes make a bet, we all win.

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