Chris Colfer Reveals His Favorite Moment from 'Glee' (It Involves Shirley MacLaine and Aliens!)

"I think I kind of stalked her around set, just hoping we'd have this conversation," he tells PEOPLE

Chris Colfer starred on 100-plus episodes of Glee, but he can immediately name his most memorable moment on the musical dramedy.

Sitting down with PEOPLE Now, Colfer, who appeared as Kurt Hummel on the Fox series, reveals that a favorite moment on set included Shirley MacLaine — and aliens!

“Shirley MacLaine was a guest star once and I think one of my favorite moments was talking to her about aliens,” says Colfer, 26. “That was probably my favorite moment of the whole show.”

He further explains that it was refreshing to him to be able to act alongside someone who “believed in it” as much as he does.

“I think I kind of stalked her around set, just hoping we’d have this conversation,” he says. “I worked my way into it.”

Since the Glee star ended his run on the series, he has been busy working on a new TV project, which will explore misdiagnosed children who have extraordinary abilities.

Colfer’s new book, Stranger Than Fan Fiction, is out now.

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