The New Jersey Gov. vowed to wear the "Hogan Strong" wristband until Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan was cancer-free
Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and current Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan
| Credit: Courtesy Tim Larsen

Chris Christie hasn’t taken off his “Hogan Strong” wristband since his friend Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma in June, but now that Hogan is “100% cancer-free,” Christie cut off the band in a big way.

Hogan joined the presidential hopeful on the campaign trail in New Hampshire on Sunday where he took a pair of scissors to Christie’s green wristband to mark his remission.

“Gov. Christie has been an unbelievable friend and his support during my battle with cancer has been incredible,” Hogan tells PEOPLE.

“He put this wristband on and said he wasn’t going to take it off until I was out of the woods and cancer-free and I promised him it was going to happen. We had a tough battle but he was there every step of the way.”

While both are public officials, Christie says his decision to wear the “Hogan Strong” wristband had nothing to do with their titles.

“I didn’t wear it because he is a fellow governor, I wore it because he is a friend,” Christie tells PEOPLE. “That is what is so important to me. It much more personal than political.”

So personal, that on the same day Christie, 53, announced his decision to run for president, he still called to check in on his friend.

“I was getting chemotherapy when he was on his way to his announcement and he called me to say ‘I am thinking about you and I am praying for you,’ ” says Hogan, 59. “On one of the biggest days in his life he took time out to be thinking about me.”

And for Christie, the decision to wear the green wristband was just one more way he could show his support for Hogan.

“I wanted him to know that whatever else I was doing I was thinking about him,” he says.

Now with Hogan is in remission, Christie who recently revealed his secret talent is singing, plans to make his friend’s visit on his “Cruisin With Chris” bus tour extra special.

“I’m going to be doing a little Adele later,” he jokes. “That will be really good.”