Police Fire Tear Gas into Angry Crowd That Tried to Rush Sold-Out New Jersey Concert

Several injuries and arrests were reported at the sold-out hip-hop concert featuring Chris Brown

Violence erupted at a major hip-hop concert featuring Chris Brown, Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar Sunday night at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, resulting in a temporary lockdown of the stadium and tear gas to control angry crowds.

The disturbance began when crowds of people began to force their way into the sold-out Hot 97 Summer Jam concert, which resulted in New Jersey State Police in riot gear blocking the gates outside of MetLife Stadium, actions which angered many in the crowd, according to the Associated Press.

An armored state police vehicle began to blast a piercing loud noise to try to disperse the crowd, according to the AP and The Wrap, and police later deployed tear gas.

Group fights broke out, bottles were thrown, and other disturbances were reported outside the venue, including a number of arrests and injuries, according to CBS New York.

“This evening, security personnel at one of the entrance gates to MetLife Stadium were confronted by crowds attempting to illegally enter the sold out Summer Jam concert by climbing over fences and forcing their way through security personnel,” New Jersey State Police said in a statement released Sunday night. “The gates have been shut and troopers on site have called for assistance from several nearby stations to help maintain order.”

Janae Griffin, who drove up from Baltimore for the concert but wasn’t able to get inside, told the AP the parking lots outside were chaotic.

“People were throwing bottles across the crowd,” she said. “We got into a confrontation with a guy who was deliberately trying to vandalize a police car and was just making it worse of a situation than it needed to be.”

However, other attendees said they waited for hours to try to enter a concert for which they had already paid.

“Barbaric – the way they treat our people is like animals,” another concertgoer told CBS New York. “If there was another concert this would’ve never happened.”

Filmmaker Nimi Hendrix posted a photo of police in riot gear on Instagram alongside the caption, “Corn balls killed summer jam trying to bum rush the gate and throwing bottles now they blocked off the gates.”

Brown, meanwhile, posted an Instagram photo of himself on stage.

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