Despite his pending divorce, the actor, who also confirms he's in Alcoholics Anonymous, says life is "great"

By Anya Leon
Updated August 03, 2013 06:00 PM
David Livingston/Getty

Despite the demise of his marriage to Monte Lapka, Cheyenne Jackson has nothing but good things to say about his soon-to-be ex-husband.

On Thursday, the same day his rep released a statement confirming the couple were calling it quits, the actor and singer touched on the sensitive subject during an interview with The Frank DeCaro Show on SiriusXM’s OutQ.

“Yeah, it is a sad thing. It’s a sad thing anytime a relationship ends,” he says. “We had a good long run, almost 13 years.”

Adding that the split was both “mutual” and “amicable,” Jackson, 38, goes on to praise his former partner. “He is a wonderful man. It’s a sad personal thing.”

Jackson – who wed Lapka shortly after same-sex marriage was legalized in New York in 2011 – understands their relationship served as an inspiration to many, which, in part, led him to publicly announce their divorce.

“I’m a little naïve to think that people will even care, but they do … I know that our marriage meant a lot to other people. That’s not lost on me and I respect that,” he says.

But although he is open about parts of his personal life, not everything is meant for public record, he says, referring to the rumors that he is in Alcoholics Anonymous.

“You know what, I own it. I’m proud of myself. My life is great. It’s sad right now because we’re both going through something that’s really painful, but that’s life,” Jackson, who has made appearances on Glee and 30 Rock, explains.

“I started my recovery last summer and it became something I really wanted to focus on in my life and repairing relationships in my family and such,” he says. “So this is a really strong, beautiful time for me, personally.”