Lynn started the (largely one-sided) feud after noticing that former friend Baker had blocked her on Twitter
Credit: (Brad Barket/BET/Getty; Kevin Winter/Getty

We have since learned Lynn’s reported Twitter account is in fact a fake. PEOPLE regrets the error.

She’s just “Got to Be Real.”

Late Wednesday night, Cheryl Lynn reportedly initiated a (largely one-sided) Twitter feud for the ages with fellow R&B singer Anita Baker upon discovering that Baker had blocked her on Twitter.

She followed this very public call-out with a series of Tweets that covered a wide range of tones, from angry to defensive to pleading.

Lynn, 58, stopped addressing the messages directly to her former friend after being met only with silence from Baker, but continued to Tweet about her confusion. Although she asserted that “there’s no beef” between the two, Lynn ended this portion of the feud by throwing some shade at the 57-year-old singer.

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Lynn eventually gave up on reaching out to Baker, and resorted to retweeting messages of support from her fans and pals and thanking them for being “REAL” and “GREAT” friends. However, one friend refused to take sides: Jackée Harry Tweeted on Thursday that the drama should stay between the two singers.

Finally, on Thursday afternoon, Baker sent out a vague, somewhat cryptic Tweet that appears to be in reference to Lynn’s overbearing rant.

No word yet on what caused Baker to block Lynn in the first place.