Cher & Tina Turner Talk Age with Oprah: 'It Sucks'

Cher says getting older is no fun, while Tina shrugs off "that number"

Two divas, no waiting – Cher and Tina Turner chat with Oprah Winfrey in Las Vegas for an edition of the Oprah Winfrey Show set to air Thursday.

As already revealed, Cher, 61, admits to Winfrey that she had a crush on Tom Cruise, 45, back in the ’80s.

Among her topics, Turner, 68, announces her plan to launch her first concert tour in eight years, starting Oct. 1 in Kansas City, Mo., and continuing with about three dozen shows in North America before she heads on in Europe and other international dates. (Tickets go on sale May 12.)

Winfrey, 54, also asks both her guests how they feel about getting older in showbiz. “I think it sucks,” replies Cher. Chimes in Turner: “That number doesn’t mean a thing. It just doesn’t.”

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