Cher teamed up with the Sierra Club and RYOT to advocate for action
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

Renowned singer Cher is lending her voice to help advocate for action in China.

The 69-year-old narrates a virtual reality video, produced by The Sierra Club and RYOT, which takes you to the scene of the damage as she describes the current conditions in China and how they continue to worsen.

“Spending one day in Beijing is now the equivalent of smoking 40 cigarettes,” she says.

“The Chinese people suffer in heartbreaking ways at the hands of these 21 polluters,” she says, referring to factory owners whom she says are responsible for more than 10 percent of the country’s CO2 emissions. “The Chinese people are bound to lives in masks, beneath apocalyptic, smog-filled skies.”

The video, which launched Monday during the COP21 negotiations in Paris, highlights the damaging effects of coal and voices a need for Chinese leaders to make changes.

To watch the video, desktop users can simply click on the video using Chrome or Firefox to get a 360-degree view, and mobile users can turn their phones into a virtual reality player by downloading the RYOT-VR iOS app.