The Burlesque star says "chaos" ensued prior to the photo being taken
Credit: Courtesy Cher

Cher brought a very special date with her to meet the President.

The singer and Burlesque actress, 66, had her mom Georgia Holt in tow on Wednesday when she had a run-in with Barack Obama.

“Told him mom’s 86’n he said ‘Georgia, tell me what u eat’ & Smiled!” Cher gushed on Twitter of their encounter. “MOM was all, ‘OMG!’ ”

Holt, a slender beauty, sporting a perfectly coiffed blonde hairstyle, is all smiles in the photo, which appears to be taken in a hotel room.

“B4 these pics, Clothes, Makeup, Flying Everywhere!” Cher wrote to accompany photos with her son, a pal and her mom. “WE Laughed SO Hard were Falling down! Chaz combing beard in Middle of 5CRAZY Women ”

Added the star, “”B4 these pics. Chaos! Such fun.”