Cher in Con Game?

A British-based man who passed himself off as a rich Arabian sheik is on trial for fraud in England this week, and one of the “stars” in the case is none other than Cher. In 1996, for her 50th birthday, “His Excellency” Sulaiman Al Kehalmi presented Cher with the keys to a brand new $300,000 Lamborghini, according to a videotape shown in the Oxford Crown Courtroom. The gift was presented at Cher’s birthday celebration during the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. “I can’t believe this,” Cher (who did get the car) says on the tape, before she is shown planting a big kiss on Al Kehalmi’s cheek. Among the charges being leveled at the 39-year-old alleged con man is that he borrowed a $75 million chateau — where he entertained Cher — under false pretenses.

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