Cher and Tom Hanks Share Wheels

The $100 Razor scooter can move over. Likewise, the $70,000 Porsche Boxster. PEOPLE reports that the hottest set of hot wheels in Hollywood these days is the relatively modest (but extremely cool-looking) Chrysler PT Cruiser, which sells for $20,000. Since hitting showrooms last spring, the retro roadster, which brings to mind classic cars of the past, is gracing the garage of Tom Hanks, and car enthusiast Jay Leno has bought one, too. Still, the PT Cruiser’s greatest defender seems to be no one you would ever think to associate with the Indy 500: Cher. “It’s the best of all possible worlds,” the star tells PEOPLE. “Style, safety and a great price.” She’s bought two, in fact — one for each of her kids, Chastity and Elijah.

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