Chelsea O'Donnell Says She Doesn't 'Love' Her Adopted Mother – As Rosie Hits Back on Twitter

Just days after her biological mother opened up, Chelsea O'Donnell is giving her first television interview since leaving O'Donnell's home


After a chaotic few months, Chelsea O’Donnell is breaking her silence on life with her adopted mother, comedian Rosie O’Donnell.

The 18-year-old sat down with Inside Edition for her first on-air interview since leaving O’Donnell’s New York home – and revealed the she doesn’t ‘love’ her.

“I care about her and I hope she’s doing well. But love is a big word and I wouldn’t really use that,” Chelsea says.

When the host clarifies, asking “Do you love Rosie?” Chelsea hesitates, but simply responds, “No.”

While Chelsea may not want to have anything to do with her mom at the moment, O’Donnell is still concerned for the teenager.

“18 years ago today – I met my daughter for the first time…a plea 10 days ago…now a photo shoot #choices,” the comedian tweeted, referencing a recent plea of Chelsea’s for privacy.

In another tweet, the former View co-host wishes her daughter happiness in finding the life she feels she missed.

“She is quite beautiful my daughter – may u feel the live that always eluded u chilly my p #asuwish,” O’Donnell tweeted.

The teen, who was accused of running away from home in August, says that her disappearance is one of the many things O’Donnell has lied about in recent months, including the fact that she is mentally ill.

“She got upset with me because I wouldn’t talk to her,” Chelsea says. “And said she was getting all that stuff at work and didn’t need it at home and to take my dog and ‘have a nice life.'”

Chelsea was later returned to O’Donnell’s home after being found in New Jersey, but left again on her 18th birthday.

“I miss the rest of my family a lot but I think there is some much-needed space between me and Rosie. It’s been nice having that,” she says.

Her interview comes just days after her biological mother, Deanna Micouly, opened up to Inside Edition about her life without the daughter she said she never wanted to give up.

Although there was no mention of Micouly in the new clip, Chelsea does admit she has no intentions of reconciling with O’Donnell, saying that the comedian kicking her out of the house and alleging that she is mentally ill is unforgiveable.

“I’m not mentally ill,” Chelsea say. “I’m in a good place in my life Yeah I have anxiety and depression but I’m not a crazy person.”

Chelsea’s full interview airs on Monday.

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