But fans can't stop talking about Styles's new thigh tattoo

Credit: Courtesy Chelsea Handler

If you’re hanging out with Chelsea Handler and your name is Harry Styles, she probably has some clothing embroidered with your name.

That’s the lesson at least from an Instagram photo Handler posted Saturday morning from her time with the One Direction singer, 21, in which she’s posing for the camera, bottoms-up.

Also in attendance, judging by the caption, was Late Late Show host James Corden, who knows a thing or two about getting close to Styles.

“Just sitting here watching James Cordon giggle,” Handler wrote, with Styles shrugging his shoulders next to her underwear display.

Handler’s photo has fans buzzing for an entirely different reason, however, because it appears that Styles has a new thigh tattoo.

“THIGH TATTOO” – all caps – quickly started trending nationwide, as did Handler, 40. What fans can’t figure out is: What is the 21-year-old Styles’ new tattoo of?

The new image joins a skeleton, anchor, butterfly, Holy Bible and naked mermaid, among others, on Styles’ body. (For their part, the 1D moms have been a little less thrilled about all the ink.)

But fans aren’t paying any attention to Styles’ other tattoos. They’re paying very, very close attention to his left thigh.

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