Former White House press secretary Mike McCurry has told George magazine that, in many ways, Chelsea Clinton “has her head screwed on a little bit better than her mom and dad.” In an interview with the mag’s editor John F. Kennedy Jr. (another child of the White House), McCurry also said that White House staffers viewed Monica Lewinsky “as someone who was infatuated with the President and who he liked to flirt with.” McCurry stepped down as President Clinton’s spokesman on Oct. 1 and has since hit the lecture circuit and taken a job with The Public Strategies Group, a Washington consulting firm. McCurry credited reporters with leaving Chelsea Clinton alone throughout junior high and high school. She is now a sophomore at Stanford University. “Chelsea had an experience as a child in the White House that is totally different from what other presidential children have gone through,” McCurry told Kennedy. “She grew up in the White House and turned out a pretty good kid.”

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