How Many Clintons Does it Take to Take a Selfie?

The playful moment comes amid a frenzy of campaigning and other efforts

Photo: The Clinton Family

Say cheese!

While the Clinton family gathers in support of Hillary, just hours before the Iowa caucuses, they’re also taking a few moments for themselves – to take a selfie, that is.

Hillary, husband Bill and daughter Chelsea snapped the group shot in a new video from the campaign trail, shared exclusively with PEOPLE.

With Chelsea, 35, at the center, she tries to fit her parents into the frame … before enlisting the help of Bill and his “longer arms.”

(“Yeah, let Bill do it,” Hillary, 68, adds.)

But there’s just one small problem: “Oh no wait, dad, you’re not in it,” Chelsea says, before nudging the phone a bit.

Chelsea tells PEOPLE she feels no generational shame in being bested by her mom in selfie skills.

“She’s definitely better at selfies than I am. She also has a lot more practice.. ,” Chelsea says in an interview for the new issue of PEOPLE.

Campaigning with both her parents in Iowa this weekend, Chelsea admits even her father has bested her.

But, she adds with a chuckle, “I feel ok about being probably the third selfie-achiever – is that even a word? – in the family. I’m okay with that placement.” The playful moment came amid a frenzy of campaigning and other efforts, in the run-up to the caucuses which will officially begin the 2016 presidential primary season, where Hillary will face off against tightening polls against fellow Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.

On Saturday, Chelsea took over Hillary’s Instagram account, while also campaigning for her in Iowa.

In her first post on the account, Chelsea shared a sweet photo of her hugging her mom and also voiced her passion for the campaign during an appearance in Ames, Iowa:

“I am an unabashedly, deeply biased, proud daughter.”

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