Chelsea admits, she doesn't have many memories that don't involve her mother being attacked.

By Naja Rayne
Updated May 05, 2016 12:15 AM
E! Entertainment

Most girls have fond childhood memories of the mother, and while Chelsea Clinton certainly has her own about her mom Hillary Clinton, the good also comes with the bad.

Opening up to Entertainment Tonight, Chelsea, 36, shared what it’s been like growing up with a mother always in the public eye, and the harsh criticism that comes with it.

“I think for better or worse, I don’t remember a time when she wasn’t being attacked by people who didn’t want to see her succed – whether she was fighting for early childhood education in Arkansas, or universal healthcare in the 1990s,” Chelsea told ET. “So, I think I’m quite accustomed to her being under attack.”

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Mother to 1-year-old Charlotte and expecting her second child this year, Chelsea understands why her mother continues to fight for what she believes in, despite the criticism she might receive, but also wonders how she will explain the negativity towards Clinton to her kids.

“I’m more focused on that because I know my mom can take care of herself,” she added. “I’m just in awe of her strength and her grace, her resilience and her can-do attitude that translates into getting a lot done.”

Throught it all, Chelsea has been a very active and vocal supporter of the former Secretary of State, even sharing an Instagram photo during a takeover of Clinton’s account, captioned, “I am an unabashedly, deeply, biased, proud daughter.”