Your guide to the most Internetty things that happened online
Credit: Courtesy 50 Cent

The biggest thing on the Internet this week was obviously the Supreme Court’s historic marriage equality ruling. But while people (like me) were Tweeting in celebration, the Internet also continued to chug along, spitting out little nuggets of weirdness.

And this week was extra weird. And supernatural. And lactose-tolerant. Read on to get your fix.

50 Cent Live-Instagrammed a Visit to the Dentist
Gives new meaning to the term “flossin’.”

Egyptian Statue Is Spinning, No One Knows Why
Can we get Brendan Fraser on this, please? This is really his area.

Exploding Actresses Tumblr Shows Famous Movie Scenes – Where the Female Lead’s Head Explodes
“That’s hilarious!” said an 8-year-old boy.

Three-Year-Old Video of Woman Explaining How to Slice Cheese Goes Viral
I tried following her complicated directions and accidentally set my house on fire.

And Everyone – Even President Barack Obama – Tweeted about the DOMA/Prop 8 Ruling