The songwriters behind "Without You," Pete Ham and Tom Evans, killed themselves in 1975 and 1983

By Alex Heigl
Updated February 04, 2016 04:20 PM

Though they wrote immortal songs like “Without You” and “Come and Get It,” Badfinger’s strongest legacy may be as a cautionary tale.

The band, who were feted by the Beatles early on, had a promising early career, but after several hits in the early ’70s, their career was derailed in the middle of that decade by several business blunders by their manager, Stan Polley.

In 1975, founding member Pete Ham, despondent over the state of their career, hanged himself. Guitarist and songwriter Tom Evans never got over his friend’s death, and in 1983, also hanged himself.

It’s a glum legacy for a band whose music is periodically discovered by younger generations – their song “Baby Blue” popped up on the Billboard Hot Rock Songs chart after it was featured in the series finale of Breaking Bad – and one that heightens the importance of suicide prevention and mental health treatment.

It’s in that spirit that YouTube star Chase Holfelder – who’s amassed nearly 11.5 million views on his YouTube channel – recorded his own cover of “Without You.” All proceeds from MP3 sales and ad revenue from this video will be donated to Papyrus, an organization that focuses on youth suicide prevention. Read more about them here, download the MP3 here and spread the word.