Even her grandfather is a fan of the model's racy new ad

After starring half-naked in a Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl commercial, some models might be afraid to get their parents’ opinions.

“People will be like, ‘Oh your dad saw it?’ and I’m like, of course my dad saw it! He friggin’ loved it,” the 21-year-old tells PEOPLE. “My dad gets a kick out of anything like that.”

In fact, McKinney’s entire family has expressed support and excitement over the ad, which features the Florida native walking through a farmers’ market almost entirely nude (she wore a bra and underwear while filming).

“They’re my No. 1 fans, so they just freaked out and called all their friends,” she says. “Even my grandfather who’s in his 90s got to see it. They all loved it.”

At the end of the commercial, which will air on the West Coast during the big game, McKinney takes a big bite out of a burger – which, incidentally, she enjoys in real life.

“I actually had one last Sunday,” she says. “I work out really hard and I stay on my diet all week. But on a Sunday, you know, maybe a little hungover, you have to reward yourself here and there, so I do.”

The model also maintains her figure with Pilates, hot yoga and weight training.

“I’m really interested in finding good tips to stay in shape, and I love being in the gym,” she says. “It’s a huge hobby.”

So what’s next for the blonde bombshell?

“I want to do more movies, TV and editorials and take this amazing opportunity and turn it into something,” she says.