"It comes across as this really sad need for approval," says the actress

Updated June 11, 2008 04:15 PM
Credit: Shelly Patch/Startraksphoto

Charlize Theron slams attention-seeking celebrities, calling them “sad” in the latest issue of British GQ.

“It comes across as this really sad need for approval,” the Monster Oscar winner says in the magazine’s July issue. “I’ve heard people make comments like, ‘You don’t really want to be in the tabloids but you need to be for your career.’ They believe it’s actually important. It’s not. It’s ugly.”

Theron, 32, disputes the notion that it’s part of her job to provide fodder for celebrity publications. “Like, your life belongs to us now?” she asks. “That’s the deal? I didn’t get that memo. It wasn’t sent to me and I didn’t sign it.

“People say, ‘That’s your job.’ It really isn’t, actually. It’s not my job to go out there and make an ass out of myself.”

Theron has been able to keep her own long-term relationship with actor Stuart Townsend out of the tabloids even when working on the same project. Theron stars in the upcoming Townsend-directed Battle in Seattle.

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