It seems like they’re having a hell of a time on the movie set of “Charlie’s Angeles: The Movie.” Reportedly at odds are cast members Lucy Liu (“Ally McBeal”) and Bill Murray, who last week engaged in a verbal match — though a rumor did circulate that Liu took a swing at Murray. “There were some creative differences,” Liu’s spokeswoman told New York’s Daily News, “and then it was over.” Variety columnist Michael Fleming, in detailing the trouble on the set, said it started when Liu disagreed with the writing of a scene she was to shoot with Murray. (She plays one of the Angels; he’s Bosley.) Murray loudly complained about Liu’s critique, says Fleming, and Liu fired back — causing fellow actors, including Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz, to flee for their trailers and for shooting to cease for the day. All appeared peaceful the next morning, and the movie’s still on schedule to wing its way into theaters for Thanksgiving.