"His autopsy indicates that his travel is not connected to his death," says Rochelle Trotter

By Liza Hamm
November 08, 2013 12:40 PM
Sitthixay Ditthavong/AP

Three days after her husband Charlie Trotter’s untimely death at age 54, his wife Rochelle confirms published reports that the legendary Chicago chef suffered a seizure earlier this year – but denies that doctors advised him against flying to a culinary conference over the weekend.

“In January Charlie was treated for a seizure as a result of an aneurysm which was discovered at that time. His doctors prescribed the proper medication to control seizures, his blood pressure and high cholesterol and he was seen by a number of medical experts who cleared him to travel. He returned home from his most recent trip Monday night without incident,” she said in a statement to PEOPLE.

While the autopsy results were inconclusive and showed no signs of trauma or foul play, Rochelle added that “the autopsy indicates that his travel is not connected to his death.”

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“This is obviously a difficult time as we are still processing our grief. As his family and I focus upon putting Charlie’s body to rest, we hope that this will settle the inaccuracies that have been reported and we can move forward in honoring Charlie’s life on Monday. We ask for your patience and continued respect of our privacy.”

Charlie Trotter’s memorial service will be held Monday at 10:00am at Sanctuary of The Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago, located at North Michigan Avenue at Delaware Place.