Britain's Charlie Tillotson donated nearly two feet of hair to make wigs for children with cancer

Credit: Courtesy Steve Tillotson

Growing up, Britain’s Charlie Tillotson swore a vow against haircuts. For years, she declined even the smallest of trims, and by the age of 6, her blond locks had grown so long that they reached all the way down her back.

All that changed after Charlie watched a television documentary about children with cancer. She threw aside her hatred of scissors and decided to cut her hair off in order to donate it to the Little Princess Trust, where it would be used to make wigs for kids who needed them.

“I welled up,” Charlie’s father Steve told the Sidmouth Herald.

Inspired by their daughter’s dedication, Charlie’s parents set up a JustGiving page to publicize her efforts and asked fans to raise money for Children with Cancer UK.

The support they received dwarfed the family’s expectations – they raised more than £1,300 ($2,200) – greater than double their goal. Once they reached the thousand-pound mark, Charlie’s parents posted a video of her thanking everyone who donated:

On July 14, Charlie received the first haircut of her young life from family friend Rianne Woodruff, who transformed her Rapunzel-style locks into a sleek bob.

To thank Charlie for her selflessness, the town of Sidmouth will give her a spotlight at its upcoming carnival; she’s to ride on a float in the town’s parade, complete with a new dress and a princess tiara.

Still, the six-year-old isn’t resting on her laurels.

“Now she is saying she wants to grow it back,” her mother Amy told The Daily Star, “so she can do it again for another child.”

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