The actor takes jabs at Oliver Stone, The Plaza hotel and his old bosses

By Charlotte Triggs and Lesley Messer
Updated April 08, 2011 11:20 PM
Credit: Jason L Nelson/AdMedia

Charlie Sheen took his tour to the Big Apple Friday night, performing the first of two sold-out shows at Radio City Music Hall.

As he’s done from the beginning of his tour, Sheen seemed to evolve Charlie Sheen LIVE: My Violent Torpedo of Truth, tailoring the performance for the audience.

Here are Sheen’s Top 5 N.Y.C. Moments:

Recalled His Infamous Night at The Plaza
Sheen, who was hospitalized last year after allegedly being found intoxicated with a porn star at the famed N.Y.C. hotel, is most definitely not making a return visit. “I’m not staying at the [expletive] Plaza Hotel,” Sheen said during the show. “All these New York hotels threatened me. They were afraid that I’d put them on the [expletive] map.” Explaining the night’s events, he said, “I’m still paying for that one. This gorgeous yet overpaid [woman] followed me up to my room. Maybe I invited her but it’s my [expletive] story. Next thing I know, I’m naked taking Ambien and attacking the cops. Ambien, the devil’s aspirin … Next thing I know, she locked herself in the bathroom with my watch and my wallet. Did I throw a chair at the door? Yes. I just wanted my $375,000 watch back.”

Said He Wants His Job Back
The Two and a Half Men star, who was fired from his hit CBS sitcom, insisted from the stage, “I didn’t quit. I didn’t breach my contract I gave you guys almost a decade of bitching entertainment and they fired me. I was having too much fun. What did they expect [when they paid me that much]?” Then he added, “Of course I want my job back.”

Paid Tribute – Sort of – to His Brother
“Emilio is that you?” Sheen said referring to his brother, actor Emilio Estevez. “I told you to ban him.” At the mention of Estevez’s name, the audience broke into cheers of “Quack! Quack! Quack,” a reference to Estevez’s role in The Mighty Ducks film series.

Claimed Nic Cage Came Up with ‘Goddess’
The term “goddess,” which Sheen now uses for his two live-in gal pals, was originally started by actor Nicolas Cage. After an eventful flight the two actors shared, Cage referred to a blonde airline stewardess as “a [expletive] goddess,” Sheen alleged from the stage. And it stuck with him.

Insulted Oliver Stone
Sheen took a jab at Oliver Stone, who directed the actor in two of his most well-known films: Wall Street and Platoon. “I’ll buy an Academy Award from Oliver Stone ’cause he’s now broke,” Sheen cracked. “His movies now suck! Anyone seen Wall Street 2?

As the show wrapped up, many audience members started booing and walked out of the theater.