After a week away, the porn star is "happy" to be back at Sheen's home with Natalie Kenly

By Dahvi Shira
March 15, 2011 06:35 PM
Michael Williams/Startraks; Scott Harrison/Retna

Charlie Sheen now has both of his “goddesses” with him.

Rachel Oberlin, who had briefly moved out of his Los Angeles home earlier this month, has returned following speculation they ended their relationship for a second time.

“She was gone for eight days handling personal matters back home in Indiana, but she landed in L.A. [Monday] night, and has since been back at Charlie’s,” says the Foxxx Modeling agent for Oberlin, 24, a porn star whose professional name is Bree Olson.

Sheen hadn’t been seen with Oberlin in more than a week. And on Sunday, the actor Tweeted a photo of him and his other goddess Natalie “Natty K” Kenly.

Additionally, Oberlin hadn’t Tweeted anything about Sheen or her whereabouts since Sunday, when she wrote, “Heading back to Cali soon ”

According to reports, Oberlin headed to Indiana to tend to a DUI case in her Fort Wayne hometown.

“Everyone is happy and good,” the agent tells PEOPLE. “Bree and Charlie had one spat, and it was the one he Tweeted about awhile ago. Since then, they’ve all been fine.”