"You'll get vintage Sheen" in My Violent Torpedo of Truth tour, says a producer
Credit: Matt Baron/BEImages

Tickets to Charlie Sheen’s one-man show, Charlie Sheen LIVE: My Violent Torpedo of Truth, are selling briskly – and, in some cases, selling out – but what will fans actually see once the curtain rises?

“A rehearsed show,” tour co-producer Joey Scoleri tells PEOPLE. “It will be spoken word, it’ll be funny and there will be interaction with the audience.”

In fact, “Charlie has been furiously putting together his show,” says a source who has been with the Two and a Half Men star in the past week. “He’s been working with actors, directors and writers. He is really working around the clock.”

So, how will Sheen’s off-the-cuff style be worked into a scripted performance? “Charlie has hired some sort of coach to take his ramblings and form them into something more structured,” the source adds. “He’s also hired a musical director.”

Although Scoleri says Sheen, 45, remains “big on his manifesto,” he won’t be alone with a microphone on the stage. “There’ll also be video components to the show, too,” Scoleri reveals.

Still unclear – just how involved Sheen’s so-called goddesses, Natalie Kenly and Rachel Oberlin, will be. Oberlin’s rep tells PEOPLE that she will be taking part in the performance, though would not reveal details. Meanwhile, Scoleri says he “can’t confirm or deny if [Sheen will] have the goddesses on the show, but he likes having them around.”

Scoleri does say about Sheen, “He’s one of the most creative people I’ve ever met in my life. If you want Charlie Sheen, you’ll get vintage Sheen with this show. The guy’s a media juggernaut. He’s there to entertain.”