What fuels Charlie Sheen on the set of Anger Management
Credit: Courtesy Khristianne Uy

There’s no better way to refine notorious bad boy Charlie Sheen than through his stomach, and to follow that path he has the winner of ABC’S food competition show The Taste as his personal chef.

Chef Khristianne Uy, known by Sheen and her fans as “Chef K,” has already helped get him in shape for his run on Anger Management, and as she tells PEOPLE: “He’ll try anything! He’s cool like that.”

Uy tasked herself with reforming Sheen’s taste buds by incorporating green juices into his diet daily and putting her homemade spin on Sheen’s “Americana” favorites, like chicken and dumplings, and a popular fast food joint’s burger. While it may be hard to imagine Sheen sipping a kale, celery, ginger and apple juice, which Uy calls “The Hulk,” Uy explains that Sheen is down to get healthy so he can be at his best while filming Anger Management.

“He’s working out again,” Uy says. “He’ll be like, Come to the set, K, cook whatever you want.’ ” She provides him with homemade soft pretzels, and mixed nuts with brown sugar, Worcestershire and rosemary. And though Uy does admit that she served Jell-O shots at last year’s Super Bowl party at the actor’s compound, it appears that Sheen has traded in Jell-O shots for shots of ginger.

“He loves snacking on raw ginger, that’s his favorite,” she says.

As for the wild partying? Not on Uy’s watch. “It’s just a normal house,” Uy reveals. “We’re usually here for a late dinner and wait for the last guest to leave, but that’s just after midnight. Everyone is pretty much civil around here.”

Sheen’s Favorites

Ginger. “It’s his favorite! Raw, pickled or ginger juice shots,” says Uy.

Soft pretzels. Uy twists them up for him to munch while filming Anger Management.

Green juice. Sheen starts his day with a kale, celery, ginger and apple blend: “We call it the ‘Hulk.’ ”

Anything-goes bashes. “At his Super Bowl party, pro athletes asked for ice in $1,200 wine! And I made Jell-O shots.”