"Charlie doesn't live in Regretville," says Sheen's rep

By Johnny Dodd
Updated June 22, 2015 08:45 PM
Credit: Courtesy Jeff Ballard PR

The on-again, off-again amicable relationship between Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Denise Richards – in which they were once so close that Richards was caring for Sheen’s children with another woman – has once again turned vitriolic.

Sheen’s Father’s Day got off to a rocky start when, according to his press agent Jeff Ballard, the actor awoke in his hotel room at a Mexican resort irked that Richards and their two daughters, Sam, 11 and Lola, 10, had allegedly declined to spend the day with him. So, he decided to go nuclear on Twitter.

“Open letter to the media,” Sheen, 49, Tweeted in a series of posts that have mostly been deleted but can be viewed online. “Denise Richards is a shake down piece of s— doosh phace & worse mom alive. A despicable charlatan who sux ISIs ass.”

Ballard explains to PEOPLE: “Charlie was upset and chose to express his displeasure through his Twitter rant.”

According to Ballard, Sheen believes Richards has been saying that “Charlie didn’t know it was Father’s Day until last Sunday” and that the trip was far too last-minute for her and their girls to possibly attend. (Ballard could not specify where or when Sheen feels Richards has been saying this; there are currently no comments to this effect on her social media accounts.)

“That trip had been planned for almost three weeks,” Ballard insists. “Charlie invited Denise and their two girls, but for whatever reason Denise chose not to go. For her to claim he only realized it was Father’s Day on Sunday just isn’t true. This trip had been planned for weeks.”

Richards has yet to comment about what might have sparked Sheen’s meltdown. In a tweet that has since been removed from her Twitter page, the actress seems to be taking a different approach than Sheen’s hateful messages, wishing him simply a “Happy Dad’s Day.”

“@charliesheen have a great trip in Mexico,” she wrote on Twitter. “Kids were disappointed u weren’t here for it- Hey we’ll celebrate when u r back!” Sheen’s third wife Brooke Mueller (whom he called “a sexy rok star whom I adore” in the midst of his Twitter rant) hung out with him over the weekend, along with their twin 6-year-old sons, Max and Bob. The couple was married from 2008-11. Though Mueller has certainly felt Sheen’s wrath in the past – he was arrested in 2009 for allegedly threatening her with a knife – that currently seems to be forgotten.

“Brooke was already in Costa Rica when Charlie invited her and she said, ‘Sure, let’s meet up in Mexico.’ ” says Sheen’s rep. “Charlie ended up spending the day with his boys eating steak, hamburgers and cake.”

Adds Mueller’s rep Steve Honig: “Brooke and Charlie are doing great. There are no outstanding issues between them and they are moving forward in a positive, productive and respectful direction.”

The two are planning on spending much of the week in Mexico with their sons before returning to Los Angeles. And Sheen’s rep insists that Charlie isn’t letting his digital dustup with Richards ruin his Mexican vacation.

“Charlie doesn’t live in Regretville,” Ballard says. “He doesn’t make excuses and when he voices his displeasure he’s honest.”

A representative for Richards could not be reached for comment.