Mueller's mom tells PEOPLE it's for the sake of the kids – but that the arrangement won't last

By Dahvi Shira Linda Marx
February 24, 2011 11:15 AM
Ethan Miller/Getty

This is starting to sound like a Two and a Half Men spin-off.

Although Charlie Sheen and wife Brooke Mueller are estranged, Mueller has moved back in with him, along with their almost-2-year-old twin boys, Max and Bob.

But Mueller’s mom tells PEOPLE it’s all for the sake of the children – and won’t last.

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“Brooke and the twins have moved into Charlie’s house for a week before they move into the new house that Charlie bought her down the street from him,” Moira Fiore says. “Brooke and Charlie are friends and there is no romantic interest on Brooke’s part.”

Adds Fiore, who (with her husband) is selling her own house to buy a condo in L.A., “Brooke took Charlie’s offer on moving closer because it is easier for him to see the kids.”

A source close to Sheen, 45, says Sheen is “looking forward to having his kids close by.”

Additional reporting by ELIZABETH LEONARD

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