"Told ya' she'd be back," the actor Tweets while showing a picture of Rachel Oberlin and Natalie Kenly
Credit: Courtesy Charlie Sheen

It’s three’s company for Charlie Sheen and his two “goddesses.”

Just one day after Rachel Oberlin returned to Sheen’s Los Angeles home, she and fellow “goddess” Natalie “Natty K” Kenly teamed up with the actor for some photo fun on Twitter.

In the online picture accompanied by the words, “#fastball; Told ya’ she’d be back Jealous face ,” Oberlin is sporting a T-shirt that reads, “I have tiger’s blood.” Meanwhile, Sheen, sandwiched between the two women, is wearing a shirt that says, “I’m not bipolar, I’m Bi-Winning.”

Kenly’s obviously in the right sprit, too – beaming, giving a thumbs-up, and wearing a shirt that says, “Duh, Winning.”

But a reunion with his two leading ladies isn’t the only news Sheen had to share over the Internet with his fans. The actor, 45, also announced additional tour dates and cities for his live “Violent Torpedo of Truth” show.

On Tuesday, the actor Tweeted that as of Thursday, people can purchase tickets to his newly added shows in Cleveland, Columbus, New York City, Wallingford, Conn., and Boston.