The star joins the social networking site – and immediately attracts a throng of followers

By Cara Lynn Shultz
March 02, 2011 07:05 PM
Credit: Gilbert Flores/Celebrity Photo

It’s time to get #winning trending on Twitter!

Charlie Sheen joined the social networking site on Tuesday, and virtually overnight his follower count skyrocketed. At last count, more than 1,003,000 people – and counting – were following the actor’s Tweets.

But who is Sheen keen on?

The actor – whose Twitter bio says “Born Small … Now Huge … Winning … Bring it..! (unemployed winner…)” – follows a mix of celebrities, athletes and savvy social media personalities.

The first person he followed was Robert Maron, a watch salesmen. He’s also following honcho Chris Ovitz, who connects celebrities with endorsement deals on Twitter, and the social networking site’s own Omid Ashtari.
Among the celebrities Sheen’s following: Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst (who’s Tweeted words of support to the actor), Diddy (who wrote the actor "Ive been dreamin about a party like this all my life"), funnyman Will Arnett, late night host George Lopez, designer Nicky Hilton and actress/baseball fan Alyssa Milano.

After mentioning New York Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher in an interview, the actor added the ballplayer to his timeline, as well as Brian Wilson, the closing pitcher for the San Francisco Giants – and Derek Jeter’s girlfriend, Minka Kelly.

What, no Justin Bieber?

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