The actor says he "quickly called my mom" when he saw Internet reports of his demise

By Sara Hammel
December 30, 2010 04:45 PM
Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos

Charlie Sheen was as surprised as anyone to discover he’d been killed in a snowboarding accident this week.

“When I heard on the news that I had died the other day, I quickly ran to my PC and checked the ratings for my show,” the Two and a Half Men star told The Insider Thursday of his reaction to learning of the Internet reports swirling this week.

“Hmmm that’s odd, all the numbers appeared solid,” Sheen continued of his ratings. “Perhaps even up a bit.

“You can only imagine my relief when I discovered shortly afterward that they were referring to my actual literal death,” he joked. “That I can survive. I then quickly called my Mom.”

Earlier this week, his ex-wife Denise Richards assured the world via Twitter that Sheen was, indeed, alive.

Sheen is just one star who appears to be part of a vast celebrity death conspiracy sweeping the Internet. Other victims of false death reports over the holidays include Owen Wilson, Aretha Franklin, Eddie Murphy and Adam Sandler – who all turned out to be just fine, thanks.