"I'll apologize to Jon right now," says Sheen, following Tuesday's rant about his former costar. "I was in a mood"

By Dahvi Shira
March 09, 2011 08:05 PM
Michael Buckner/Getty

Charlie Sheen still continues to bash his former Two and a Half Men boss Chuck Lorre – but when it comes to costar Jon Cryer, Sheen is rethinking his negative comments.

“I’ll apologize to Jon right now,” Sheen, 45, said Wednesday morning on K-EARTH 101 radio station. “I was in a mood and I threw that out to somebody. I didn’t know they – well I kinda knew they were gonna print it. Yeah, I knew they were gonna print it. I confuse myself.”

But to avoid any confusion, Sheen clarifies, “It’s a little bit of a half-apology. An apol.”

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Explaining the motive behind Tuesday’s rant that called out Cryer, 45, for being “a turncoat, a traitor and a troll,” Sheen says, “the reason I was upset is because I didn’t get a text or a phone call or anything saying, ‘Hey, dude, back off, I got your back, or you got my back or there’s a back involved.’ ”

Cryer has yet to publicly comment on Sheen’s recent string of events, but sources say he has indeed reached out to his costar.

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