Charlie Sheen opened up about a new drug that is "the closet thing to a cure that we could possibly have right now"

By Aurelie Corinthios
Updated October 27, 2016 01:27 PM
Credit: IBL/REX/Shutterstock

Almost one year after going public with his HIV diagnosis, Charlie Sheen is opening up about his current health.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter at his home in Los Angeles, Sheen, 51, opened up about living with HIV — and his search for a cure.

“I feel excellent,” he said. “I am part of an FDA study right now, which I have been involved with for 24 weeks, and there is a new drug that is on the fast track for FDA approval. It’s called PRO 140 and the company is Cytodyn. It’s a global game-changer.”

According to Sheen, the new drug has “no side effects.”

“It is one shot every week, instead of a handful of toxic pills every day,” he explained. “It is the closet thing to a cure that we could possibly have right now. You can live a completely normal life. You can self-administer.”

Sheen, who has sought alternative treatment in the past, was open about the undesirable effects they had on his health.

“The other s—, it kept me alive, sure, but it had hideous side effects — migraines, stomach problems, liver damage,” he added.

The actor said the new drug is “the future of treatment for this condition” and that he’s “excited as hell to be a part of it.”

“I don’t mind talking about that at all because it is going to give a lot of people hope and something to look forward to and really wrap their arms around it,” he continued.

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Sheen also said he’s also focusing his energy on a possible new baseball movie, a follow-up to his 1989 hit Major League.

“David Ward [who wrote and directed Major League] wrote the script for Major League 3, which is as good as the first one,” Sheen said. “ML3 has as much heart, as much comedy as the original.”

According to Sheen, Tom Berenger, Corbin Bernsen and Wesley Snipes, among others from the first film, are on board.

“We have been trying to get it done for a few years,” he says. “There have been some hang-ups with the rights.”

Sheen said the film will be rated R like the original movie and would “bookend” the series.

“You find the Vaughn character selling cars and his arm is so shot that if you buy a car from him, he’ll play catch with your kid in the parking lot,” Sheen said of the premise for ML3. “And then there is an ex who shows up, who he had a tryst with a couple decades ago, and she has a twentysomething kid, who is now in the Cleveland organization, throwing about 102 mph. So, the story pretty much focuses on that. The kid does not like me. We do not like each other. It bookends our story, but it also passes the torch.”

“The script that we’ve all been sitting on is pure gold and absolutely shootable,” he added. “It’s David Ward at his best. I mean, this is the guy who won the Oscar for writing The Sting. We could be in preproduction tomorrow.”

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