The exes set their differences aside to celebrate Sam's 11th birthday
Credit: Charlie Sheen/WhoSay/AP Photo

Is there any better birthday present for a child than to have her divorced parents actually getting along?

To celebrate their daughter Sam Sheen’s 11th birthday, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards set aside their differences in order to enjoy a dinner as one big happy family.

Richards, 44, posted a photo to her Instagram of herself with Sheen, Sam and their other daughter Lola, 9, from the restaurant Barton G in Los Angeles.

Everybody was all smiles in the photo posted late Monday evening, which is a welcome sight given Sheen and Richards’s formerly contentious relationship.

Married in 2002, Richards filed for divorce in 2005 while pregnant with Lola. Following a brief reconciliation, she filed a restraining order against Sheen alleging he had made death threats against her.

After a lengthy custody battle, the couple appeared to reach a détente in 2009 when it came to the girls, but their relationship remained strained. In 2012, however, Sheen appeared in her film Madea’s Witness Protection and she appeared on his TV show Anger Management, more or less proving the hatchet had been buried.

In May 2013, Richards was granted temporary custody of his twins Bob and Max with ex Brooke Mueller – with Sheen’s blessing – over concerns of drug use.

After all that, it’s back to birthday dinners as a family. Has Sheen turned over a new leaf for good?