Reps for social services find Mueller to be "an excellent mother," a source tells PEOPLE


Bob and Max Sheen – the nearly 10-month-old twin sons of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller – are in good hands and will stay in Aspen with their mother for at least a month, as approved by child-welfare officials.

Sources tell PEOPLE that Pitkin County Social Services paid a visit to Mueller and her family in Aspen last week following the 911 call Brooke made on Christmas morning.

“The people from the social services agency talked to Brooke, her mom, her step dad and her nanny, and told them that everything looks good and Brooke appears to be an excellent mother,” a source close to Mueller, 32, tells PEOPLE.

“Brooke and the twins, Max and Bob, are planning to stay in their rented Aspen house for at least another month. After that they may go to Palm Beach to visit family for awhile,” adds the source.

After the social services representatives conducted multiple interviews, they found the atmosphere for the twins to be “just fine,” they said, as confirmed by the source.

Court Date Delayed

Meanwhile, due to scheduling conflicts, Monday s 10:30 a.m. court date between Mueller and Charlie Sheen s lawyers has been postponed, according to Mueller’s attorney Yale Galanter.

“We will find out the new date on Monday,” Galanter tells PEOPLE. “It may be Jan. 11 or another day.”

Sheen s Colorado based attorney had no comment.

Galanter filed a motion in the Aspen court last week to modify the protective order put into place after Sheen s domestic violence arrest on Christmas day so his client and her husband can meet and attempt to resolve their issues and move on with their lives.