'Teen Wolf' Star Charlie Carver Comes Out as Gay

"So now, let the record show this I self-identify as gay," Carver announced.

Photo: Victoria Will/Invision/AP

Charlie Carver, best known for his roles in Teen Wolf and The Leftovers, announced that he is gay on Instagram Monday.

The actor penned a heartfelt essay that was split in a series of five posts with the photo of the inspirational quote, “Be Who You Needed When You Were Younger.”

Carver, 27, has played several gay characters on screen but had not commented on his own sexuality until now.

“As a young boy, I knew I wanted to be an actor. I knew I wanted to be a lot of things… It was around that age that I also knew, however abstractly, that I was different from some of the other boys in my grade,” he wrote. “Over time, this abstract ‘knowing’ grew and articulated itself through a painful gestation marked by feelings of despair and alienation, ending in a climax of saying three words out loud: ‘I am gay.'”

Carver noted that he came out to his friends and family knowing that he was in a safe space with loved ones where his sexual orientation was “celebrated.” However, in acting and Hollywood it was more complicated for him.

“I did not want to be defined by my sexuality,” the star continued in part three. “Sure, I am a proud gay man, but I don t identify as a Gay man, or a GAY man, or just gay. I identify as a lot of things, these various identifications and identities taking up equal space and making up an ever-fluid sense of Self.”

Adding: “As an actor, I believed that my responsibility to the craft and the business was to remain benevolently neutral – I was a canvas, a chameleon, the next character. For the most part I had a duty to stay a Possibility in the eye of casting, directors, and the public. If I Came Out, I feared I would be limiting myself to a type, to a perception with limits that I was not professionally comfortable with.”

But after playing characters both gay and straight, Carver realized the business is changing. Following those LGBTQ trailblazers before him, Carver feels more “excited” than ever to be himself and help others discover their true identities.

“So now, let the record show this – I self-identify as gay… I owe it to myself, more than anything, to be who I needed when I was younger. And let the record show my twin brother is just as cool for being straight.”

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