Manson's fiancée allegedly planned to display his corpse for profit
Credit: Manson Direct/Polaris

They were a match made in … well, somewhere.

Charles Manson has reportedly called off his engagement to Afton Elaine Burton after realizing his 27-year-old bride-to-be wanted to display his corpse for profit, The Independent reports.

Burton reportedly planned the wedding so that she would gain possession of Manson’s body in the event of his death. According to The Independent, she and her friends hoped to make money by putting the corpse on public display in a glass case in Los Angeles and charging morbid spectators per viewing – similar to Lenin’s tomb in Moscow.

Manson, 80, allegedly called off the wedding after learning of Burton’s plans.

Burton, now known as Star, has been visiting the convicted cult leader in prison since she was 19. She reportedly runs a website about Manson that posted a statement claiming the wedding did not take place because of “an unexpected interruption in logistics.” The post claims the pair plan to marry in the coming months.