Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles danced Saturday night away to celebrate his 50th birthday, and although his mother may have disapproved, Britain’s tabloid press toasted his mistress as though she were a queen. “Camilla: Queen for the Night,” declared the mass circulation Sunday Mirror. Britain’s biggest-selling tabloid, News of the World, carried its report about the birthday bash under the headline “The Look of Love.” For Parker Bowles, 51, whom the late Princess Diana had blamed for the breakup of her marriage to Charles, it was a public relations breakthrough. In the past British scribes have often lambasted her — alongside unflattering pictures — as a mistress whom the heir to the throne can never marry.

  • The celebration took place at Charles’ country mansion, Highgrove. Camilla was accompanied by her sister, Annabel Elliott. The party — with a guest list dominated by a bevy of European royals and members of Charles’ inner circle of rich, blue-blooded friends — followed a reception for Charles hosted by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace on Friday night, the eve of his birthday. His sons, Prince William, 16, and Prince Harry, 14, were at the Highgrove party. So, too, according to news reports, were Parker Bowles’ two grown children, Tom and Laura, and her ex-husband, Andrew. But the Queen stayed away, underlining reports that she disapproves of the relationship. Likewise, Parker Bowles was not at the Bucks House blast on Friday.
  • And after the ball … Following the more formal doings at Highgrove, Charles’ teenage sons did a “Full Monty” striptease, the Sun tabloid reported. William and Harry played out a scene from the hit film about male strippers as birthday festivities continued until 3 a.m. on Sunday “They danced, swayed and swaggered to Hot Chocolate’s song ‘You Sexy Thing,'” the paper said. “And they burst into fits of laughter as they whipped off their shirts and unbuttoned their trousers. But unlike the movie’s stars, they stopped there.”
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