Charles Fowler posted a picture of the kindergartener at Wal-Mart with a caption comparing her to Honey Boo-Boo
Credit: Courtesy Charlie Fowler/Facebook

Hey, teacher: Leave that kid alone!

Proving that it’s not just teens who might need lessons in online etiquette, an assistant principal at a South Carolina high school resigned on Tuesday after posting a derogatory photo of a local kindergartner to Facebook.

Charles Fowler reportedly snapped a photo of the six-year-old girl in a South Carolina Walmart. He later uploaded it to Facebook with the caption, “Honey Boo-Boo at Walmart,” an insulting comment on the girl’s weight.

The girl’s family was outraged when they saw the photo.

“He has devastated my family,” the girl’s great-grandmother told NBC affiliate WYFF4. “He has embarrassed us.”

According to local news station KPLCtv, the backlash was swift against Fowler, an administrator at Walhalla High School. Residents circulated a petition calling for his dismissal; it was apparently signed by Fowler’s own son.

In a statement released Tuesday, the Oconee County School District confirmed that Fowler had stepped down from his role.

“Regrettably, a district employee made an inappropriate posting through social media that included a photograph of one of the district’s students,” the statement explained. “The district does not condone this conduct and the individual who made the inappropriate posting has resigned.”

Still, Fowler has his defenders. Karen Smith, the mother of a Walhalla High senior, credits the assistant principal with helping her son stay on the right path. “My son is a senior this year because of Mr. Fowler making sure he was on top of his game,” Smith told KPLCtv, praising Fowler’s commitment to his students.

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