Charles & Camilla: Not Engaged

There won’t be wedding bells for Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles anytime soon. The Prince’s private secretary, Stephen Lamport, dispatched a letter to Britain’s Press Complaints Commission yesterday officially refuting a Sunday Times of London report that Charles was considering holding his second marriage in a Presbyterian church in Scotland. “Decisions like this are not taken lightly. We have got to the end of our tether,” said Lamport’s letter, which was published in most British papers today. “There is no intention of remarrying. We keep saying it, but it is ignored or dismissed.” Lamport went on to say that the matter doesn’t only involve Charles, but that the heir to the throne is concerned about “the feelings of his children, the children of Mrs. Parker Bowles, the memory of his late wife and his public role.” Finally, said the letter, “There is to be no wedding, and so it is pointless speculation otherwise.”

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