"I think it will take time to improve myself," Monaco's princess-to-be says

By Peter Mikelbank
May 27, 2011 09:30 AM
Amedeo M. Turello/Principality of Monaco

How do you say “fairy tale” in French?

As Charlene Wittstock’s July wedding to Monaco’s Prince Albert II approaches, the future princess says she’s living the dream – and learning her “ouis” from her “nons.”

“It’s a very exciting moment for me,” the Rhodesian-born Olympic swimmer, 33, tells Madame Figaro magazine in a translated interview. “I think any woman who is lucky to be loved by the man she loves is living a fairy tale.”

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She adds: “And as for the French language, it’s probably one of the most beautiful in the world. I speak a little bit and I can follow conversations, but I think it will take time to improve myself.”

After Wittstock walks down the aisle in a Giorgio Armani Privé gown on July 2, the two, who met at a swim meet in 2000, will jet off to her homeland, South Africa, for their honeymoon.