July 03, 2015 02:35 PM

//player.cnevids.com/embedjs/5594639a61646d0b620a0000/51097beb8ef9aff9f5000003.jsSo young and sweet – and so unable to predict what a megastar he would one day become!

Glamour posted a delightful throwback video on Thursday that features Channing Tatum back in his 2002 modeling days.

The Magic Mike XXL star, now 35, is interviewed during Milan Fashion Week and shares how he stumbled into modeling because dancing and "whatnot" wasn’t paying the bills.

As far as his runway ambitions, 21-year-old Tatum says he’s interested in being “different from everyone else” and maybe even meeting model crush Kate Moss: “She’s got a lot of history from what I’ve found out about her,” he says with what might be the world’s cutest giggle.

Some of the challenges of Tatum’s go-see days ring true even now, such as how he talks about adopting a strict diet (“No carbs, no drinking, no nothing”) to get sample-size svelte.

He also says he digs the chance to present himself in different lights, including “strong, aggressive and sexy.” (Uh, nailed it, nailed it and nailed it.)

And then the kicker: “I don’t really think I got what it takes to make a million bucks or whatever,” Tatum says about modeling as a long-term career plan. “But I would love to go into acting … and kind of just see where it goes from there.”

Well, he certainly developed the transferrable skills.

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Magic Mike XXL is in theaters now.

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