May 29, 2002 02:42 PM

Former federal intern Chandra Levy, who was missing for 13 months before her scattered remains turned up in a Washington, D.C.-area park last week, was definitely killed, Washington’s medical examiner, Dr. Jonathan Arden, said Tuesday. But, reports the Associated Press, Arden went on to say that so far too little evidence has been gathered to determine how, when, where, why she was murdered or who might have disposed of her body. “The circumstances of her disappearance and her body on recovery are indicative that she died through the acts of another person, which is the definition of a homicidal manner of death,” Arden said at a press conference, according to the AP. He later told the news service that Levy’s skull, described as damaged by police, was fractured after her death. “I did not see the evidence of a gunshot, stab wound or beating,” he said. Authorities insist that they will not be deterred from solving the mystery. Washington Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey confidently said at a press conference Tuesday, “We will solve this case, I guarantee you that.” Meanwhile, across the country, in Levy’s hometown of Modesto, Calif., more than 1,000 mourners joined Chandra’s parents, Dr. Robert and Susan Levy, at a memorial for their 24-year-old daughter. As reported by The Washington Post, mourners were greeted at the service — a combination of a traditional Jewish funeral mixed with New Age mysticism — by silver tureens filled with Reese’s peanut butter cups, Chandra’s favorite sweet. “It’s a sign from her that she has transformed and is now part of me,” her brother Adam, 20, said during the service, according to the Post. “She will never be lost; she will always remain in our hearts and minds.”

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