Two women run up the bidding for a $500 walk-on role after insisting the deal include a possible smooch with the actor

By K.C. Baker
September 16, 2009 09:15 AM
Alexander Tamargo/Getty

Burn Notice hunk Jeffrey Donovan’s kisses are in high demand these days.

The sexy actor auctioned off not one but two walk-on roles on his hit USA spy show for a whopping $36,000 at his pal Michael Bolton’s 17th annual benefit concert for women and children at risk Sunday night in Stamford, Conn., after women got into a bidding war over a chance to be near him!

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Bidding started at $500, but skyrocketed when one of the bidders shouted to Donovan onstage, “Can this be a walk-on with a kiss?”

“Everybody went crazy,” says one guest. “Every woman in that room wanted to win the chance to be on the show with him.”

Donovan laughed at the request. “But he looked embarrassed when the emcee added, ‘Will that be with or without tongue?’ ” says the guest. “His date didn’t look too happy about that, either ”

When two well-heeled attendees tried to outbid each other for the role, offering to pay $18,000 each for their chance at mini-stardom, Donovan solved the problem by saying, “How about if we split the prize and have two walk-ons?”

“One of the women who won the walk-on screamed and hugged her husband when he won it for her,” says the guest.

Later in the evening, Donovan made more ladies swoon when he held his pretty date in his arms from behind as he danced in the audience to Bolton’s raucous rendition of “Rock Me Baby.” After the show, Donovan told PEOPLE he was more than happy to auction off the walk-ons – even if it means he may have to lend his lips to help the cause. “This is for Michael,” he said. “It’s his night. He’s doing so much to help women and children. He’s a great guy.”

Hot and humble, now there’s a winning combo!