By Beth Perry
Updated November 22, 2004 06:00 AM

After a 6-2 vote, good guy Chad Crittenden became the fourth man in a row to be booted off Survivor: Vanuatu – Islands of Fire. The Oakland teacher, 35, chatted with PEOPLE about playing the gender game, being starstruck and letting the kava go to his head.

You shared kava (the national drink of Vanuatu) with a real aboriginal tribe. What did it taste like?
It s just the most vile thing you can imagine. It tasted like dirt with a chemical aftertaste, and it numbs your tongue and lips. We had one big cup, and it hit me hard. The next day, I had a kava hangover from hell. It was similar to an alcohol hangover.

Do you think the other players saw you as an underdog because of your prosthetic leg?
The only time I ever had anyone call me the underdog was when John Kenney said, Oh, he s gonna get the sympathy card. I didn t really like him that much. At challenges, he would come over to me with a patronizing look, put his hand on my shoulder and say, Good job, man. And I m thinking, Dude, get away! The first day and a half I wore pants, so people didn t see my prosthesis. That dispelled all the preconceived notions.

Why do you think Ami has so much control?
She taps into some female psyche and says, Look, we are women. We ve got to stick together. Chris, Twila, Scout and I were together during that last episode. It had taken us a long time to figure our plan out, and Amy single-handedly dismantled the whole thing. She just went in and “Snip, snip, snip!” Everyone just followed. She s like the Pied Piper.

And then Scout and Twila voted against you.
It s disappointing. Twila can t make a decision to save her life.

What was it like being on a show you like so much?
There were a few moments where I thought, This is totally surreal. I d look over at Jeff Probst, and look around at Tribal Council and think, “Oh my God! I can t believe this!

What did your daughter Clara, 4, think of it?
At the beginning, she didn t really know the difference between seeing me on TV and watching our home videos. The first time she saw me in a magazine, she pointed to it and said, Where s Mommy in this picture?

What was the first thing you ate when you got off the island?
A Snickers bar. It was the best Snickers bar of my life – even though it was only bite-sized. Later that night, I took a chocolate cake back to my bed. I would wake up and just eat handfuls. It was horrible.