December 10, 2007 02:15 PM

Video courtesy Warner Bros.
Gossip Girl hottie Chace Crawford told Ellen DeGeneres that he can’t escape from his adoring female fans in New York. And now, thanks to the talk show host, he may have even more trouble dodging the spotlight. Why? Well, on Monday’s Ellen DeGeneres Show, DeGeneres surprised Crawford by airing a naked picture taken … when he was a baby! The Gossip Girl was a great sport, though, recovering from his embarrassment and quickly joking with DeGeneres, “That was so recent, too! That’s wild.”

But Crawford was less accommodating when it came to speculation about his romantic life. He demurred – actually, ignored the question – when DeGeneres probed about his friendship with Carrie Underwood. After producing a photo of the two of them together, Crawford squirmed uncomfortably pointing out the “bit of room” between them in the shot and telling DeGeneres, “I am trying to get a pet right now.”
– Brian Orloff

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