Celine's Pregnancy: The Real Story

Celine Dion, 32, and her husband, René Angelil, 58, learned together that they were expecting a baby. The news came over a speaker phone in the kitchen of their $4.7 million Florida home on June 8, where the couple had gathered with Dion’s older sister Linda and brother-in-law Alain, reports the new issue PEOPLE. Dion’s gynecologist, Dr. Ronald Ackerman, and Manhattan fertility specialist Dr. Zev Rosenwaks said in tandem, “Congratulations, you’re pregnant!” — causing the pop superstar and her manager-husband to burst into tears, before everyone started hugging. “I’ve delivered thousands of babies and seen parents in incredible emotional states,” Ackerman told PEOPLE. “This ranks in the Top 10 most incredible moments I’ve ever seen.”

  • Celine granted permission for her two specialists to speak to the magazine and to describe her in vitro fertilization procedure, along with other aspects of her attempts to get pregnant. Among the details revealed is that the Angelils started seriously considering the new high-tech Assisted Reproductive Technology (which can cost up to $14,000) after they renewed their marital vows last January, and that three of 18 eggs Dion had removed from her body on May 25 were fertilized and transferred to her uterus three days later. Rosenwaks estimates that Dion, who is due next February, has a “30 to 40% chance” of having multiples.
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