Celine: Her Heart Will Go On

Celine Dion confirms a claim by her former drummer, Peter Barbeau, that she lip-synchs recorded samples of her voice at live shows. She explained to reporters, however, that it’s just to give “the dance tracks a bit more punch to enhance the live performance, but I think that’s normal.” Barbeau is suing Dion for wrongful dismissal and copyright infringement. (He is asking for about $3 million). Dion says she “wasn’t really involved too much” with Barbeau’s dismissal. She says the band “wanted to change a few things” and she is “sorry it’s turned out rough for him.” Dion says her business advisers assure her Barbeau has “100% controlling interest” in the song involved in the suit, “Dreaming of You.” And she says that singing live “is what I love to do most.”

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