By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated October 18, 2002 01:00 PM

Fans from all over Europe greeted Celine Dion Thursday as she settled into her new villa outside of Brussels, Belgium, where she will begin rehearsing for her upcoming Las Vegas gig, the Associated Press reports.

Dion, 33, isn’t set to open at Caesars Palace’s new $100 million, 4,000-seat Coliseum theater until next March, but already, says AP, Belgian producer Franco Dragone has her rehearsal space ready for her. Dragone, himself a Belgian, is best known for directing both of Cirque du Soleil’s Vegas spectaculars, the water show “O” and the mysterious “Mystere.”

“I’ve just arrived in Belgium and I’m so surprised by this warm welcome,” said Dion, referring to the flock of fans, many of whom reportedly camped out overnight for a glimpse of her. “I’m a bit tired, but happy to be here for a month.”

The diva arrived with her husband-manager, Rene Angelil, and their baby son, Rene-Charles. Dion has been on a two-year hiatus in order to spend time with both, and her Vegas commitment will be for 200 shows a year, for three years.

As reported earlier this week, Dion was set to name her Vegas show “Muse,” but she has since apparently dropped that idea, after legal threats from the British rock band Muse. A name is expected to be revealed during rehearsals next week.